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In the month of July, Café Recuerdos had as its central theme our rituals of renewal, those activities that we do to disconnect from the routine. Going to the beach, hanging out with friends, traveling or just staying at home watching movies. In short, everything that helps us take our minds off everyday things. Renewing ourselves is healing.

We reminisce about family vacations, like getting together with cousins to tell horror stories and play hide and seek or falling asleep under the sun to then spend the rest of the vacation with a burning sensation in your body. We talk about the smell of our memories, the fruits that color our palate and all the ways in which we can create spaces, in our day to day, to relax.

Renewal rituals are necessary to recover our energy, to refocus and to resume life from a new perspective, rested. We know that it is easy to fall into the wheel of routine, repetition usually gives us a sense of control and allows us to settle into our comfort zone. Sometimes it can be expensive to allow ourselves to get out of the ordinary, but can we create spaces to recharge our energy that do not have an additional cost? Absolutely!

Here are some renewal tips that have worked for me:

1. Taking a deep breath, becoming aware of our breathing is a way of being present, this can calm anxiety, taking a deep breath is enlightening us from within.
2. Going for a 20-minute walk is great for circulation and familiarizes us with our neighborhood.
3. Rocking on a swing is fun and healing.
4. Sleep, renews our energy.
5. Laughing rejuvenates us.
6. Give thanks, give thanks for everything that has gone well, for what we have.

Taking care of ourselves from our personal and mental geography helps us to create healthier communities. Individual renewal contributes to the well-being of all and this is a ritual in which we can all participate.
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Café Recuerdos will be on break in August. We will resume in September!

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