Rhode Island Latino History | The Story of Chimi Trucks on Broad Street, Providence, RI

The Chimichurri burger (usually called "Chimi burger", "Dominican burger", or simply chimi) is a traditional snack-dish served in the Dominican Republic. It is garnished with Chimi Sauce and is also served in Argentina.

The burger itself is made from a ground pork or beef, and is sliced, grilled, served on special bread and garnished with chopped cabbage. In Argentina, salsa golf is also added. This dish is made throughout the Dominican Republic and is usually sold on street stands. Each vendor has their own recipe; flavors and ingredients can substantially vary the texture and taste of the chimichurri sauce.

In the Dominican Republic chimichurri has a different meaning than the Argentinian chimichurri sauce. It is a twist on the hamburger recipe popular in the United States, substituting cabbage for lettuce and adding herbs, spices, and various condiments to flavor the meat (sazón). The bread used is called pan de agua — the name translates into water bread and it has a texture and flavor similar to a small French bread. As with the hamburger, many twists are added to the basic recipe on a regional or sometimes individual basis. The chimichurri is traditionally sold out of panel trucks (aka Chimi Trucks) in the Dominican Republic and in New York City – Manhattan, Harlem and East Harlem. 
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We consider Chimi Trucks the original food truck in Providence, as they line Lower Broad Street (also known as La Broa’ by many of the locals) between Jilson Street in Washington Park neighborhood, and down to Lexington Street. You may find one or two going north, beyond that point. The trucks begin to set up around dinner time, or often at sunset and have become a late-night snack stop to some of the locals.

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Thu. Aug. 10, 2023 • 5:30-7pm - During this tour, you will learn the story of the Chimi trucks that line Broad Street in the evening. Be prepared to purchase from one or more of the many trucks out that night. Click here to register
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