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Creating the next generation of Latinx videographers

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LatinxCine is an initiative of Rhode Island Latino Arts. Heading up this program is Alberto Genao, a self-taught videographer / cinematographer born and raised in Providence, RI.

One of our goals with this initiative is to create the next generation of Latinx videographers by offering mentorships and a place to learn the basics of creating videos, editing, colorization, etc.

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2024 Emerging Latinx Videographer Fellows

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David Sánchez Herrera

David is a 2023 graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, with a BFA in film and video. He is also a musician and has composed his own music. He is a native of Spain, and spent a considerable amount of time in New Mexico, where his mother grew up. In his own words:

"Having studied Film and Video at RISD, I felt it was a great learning experience, but as I neared graduation, I felt I was just getting into the things that interested me most - making documentaries. My final project [at RISD] was about my grandmother, Monica Herrera, who lives with my grandfather in Portales, New Mexico. I discovered how much there was to uncover about my heritage and family's history. I've always wanted to gain new perspectives on the communities where I live. Not being native to Providence has given me the opportunity to look at the city with open eyes."
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Gwen Vargas

Gwen, who is of Dominican heritage, is a Senior at Rhode Island College, and is due to graduate this May with a degree in Social Work. She is also on tap to continue her studies to receive her Masters in the same field. Gwen is a writer and often reads her poetry to live audiences. In her words:

"I've always loved the arts, especially photography, and recently, I took up videography. I am particularly interested in roles such as production, director (interviewing), and editing — but also open to learning it all! I hope to one day produce a social-justice-cenetred film/documentary that will integrate my profession."

Aquí Me Quedo

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LatinxCine is currently reviewing transcripts, audio and documents from RILA's award-winning Nuestras Raíces Oral History Collections and transforming sections into a series of short videos to be released during the next 3-4 years.

These videos will include images, video footage, voices and stories of the people who live or frequent places on Broad Street, South Providence.

To view the short videos created to date, click here


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A chimi is a Dominican burger served on pan de agua with ground beef or pork, cabbage, and mayuketchu (a mayonnaise and ketchup mix). Some people add tomatoes or onions, but never cheese. In Dominican-dense areas in the US, chimis are usually sold at chimi trucks, and in the Dominican Republic, chimi stands are found on almost every corner.

For many Dominicans in Providence, chimis hold a special place in their hearts. On a recent walk en La Calle Broa’, residents shared these memories with Marta V. Martínez, Community Oral Historian: “Chimis remind me of nightlife in the Dominican Republic,” says Johana. “We have such a vibrant, festive culture where music and food are intertwined. After a night out dancing, you stop at a chimi truck to get one before heading home. Or if you’re taking an evening stroll in El Malecón with your family, you can grab chimis as you walk near the water. Chimis keep me connected to the experiences I’ve had in Dominican Republic. They remind me of family and friends and good times. They make me nostalgic, but in a good way.”
Her friend, Jasmin, associates chimis with happiness. “Every time I’ve had one, I’d just had a tremendous amount of fun, and the chimi is the best conclusion to a great time. I’ve always enjoyed a chimi with friends and family, and eating one is always a different, great experience that holds such fond memories.”

Do you have a memory or story to share about what a night out on Broad Street, eating or making chimis, whether in Providence or the Dominican Republic? Do you have a favorite chimi recipe to share? Or do you want to write a poem about the chimi? Write to:
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