Too Many Tamales

Is there such a thing?

Making Tamales is a family tradition and community ritual among Mexican, Mexican-American people that is also shared by a diverse mixture of Latin American cultures. The tradition of making tamales with extended families especially during the Christmas holidays can help develop a sense of unity and community, and breaks down borders and barriers between people and cultures.

A gathering of families to make tamales during the holidays is always a welcome opportunity to be together for conversation and food. And sitting together to read as a family is a good way to start the evening.

Below are two videos: one is a bilingual recording by Marta V. Martínez, RILA's Executive Director, that you can listen to if you do not have a copy of the book. The other is a video of Chef Carmen, from Casa Azúl Taquería in Providence, RI, going through the steps on how to make your own tamales, after you finish reading the book.

We have limited copies of Too Many Tamales each in both English and Spanish for sale at $10 each — E-Mail us to order and stop by to pick it up. Or to reserve a copy and pre-pay, scan the QR code below and then be sure to make an appointment to pick it up in time for the holidays.
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Too Many Tamales Read-Along
Here is a Read-Along video, read in Spanish by RILA's Executive Director, Marta V. Martinez. To order a copy of the book in Spanish and/or English, see below above.
Tamales Recipe
Learn how to make your own tamales from Chef Carmen of Casa Azul Taquería in Providence. Download a copy of the recipe in advance so you can purchase ingredients as you follow along.
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Champurrado is a traditional Christmas drink that goes well with tamales. It can also keep you warm on a cold Winter night. It sticks to your belly and warms you up early in the morning before you go out to work or school.