Teatro del Pueblo | Rhode Island

The Village Theater for Latinx theater makers

Teatro del Pueblo @RILA was founded in 2016 as a forum for Latinos to develop and present new bilingual plays. Our mission is to provide opportunities for artists, producers and audiences to discuss and advance bilingual Latinx theater in Rhode Island and nationwide.
Teatro en El Verano | 2024
Alguien Más is an adaptation by Dustin Thomas of You Never Can Tell by George Bernard Shaw. Click here to learn more about this year's Teatro en El Verano.
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Past Performances | Take a look at Teatro en El Verano performances dating back to 2016. ➤

Teatro en El Verano

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Click here to learn more about The Bilingual Latinx Playwrights Circle@RILA ➤

Bilingual Latinx Playwrights Circle

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TEACHERS: Don Quixote, is now a bilingual lesson plan, along with accompanying videos, starring some of Teatro del Pueblo @RILA cast. Click here to take a look

Don Quixote | Bilingual lesson Plan & Videos for Multi-Lingual Learners

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Virtual Pláticas (Conversations) for Latinx Theater Makers — these free gatherings are currently on hiatus and when they return, will be open to anyone interested in becoming part of the Latinx theater movement in Rhode Island.

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RILA and Teatro del Pueblo receive support from these local and national sponsors.

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