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It is all about gratitude this month! We started by honoring our family and friends who have crossed over at our yearly Día de los Muertos celebration at North Burial Grounds. The invitation was to write notes to our loved ones, remembering what made them so special to us. Allowing ourselves the moment to grief together and to celebrate their beautiful presence in our lives. We remembered once again that as long as we keep telling the stories of their lives, they will always be with us.


We also gathered to make gratitude maps. Imagining our lives as a road, reflecting on the moments that made us pause (stop sign moments) or go (green light moments) also on the accidents that made us completely reroute our course. The map led us to the present moment where we listed the people, experiences, and things we cherish today.

Gratitude anchors us in the present moment, it gives us perspective on what has worked, it can also be a sense of inspiration for the things we want to accomplish. What are you grateful for? What has gone well this year? How are you extending gratitude to yourself and others around you?

Café Recuerdos happens on the third Thursday of every month at 5:30 pm. In December (our last gathering for the year) Café Recuerdos will be held at the Broad Street Gateway Center | 1197 Broad St. Providence, RI 02905.
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