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May has been a busy month at RILA!

Café Recuerdos was dedicated to talking about our grandmothers. Guests were asked to bring pictures of their abuelas and share the stories of who they are/were. What is their legacy? What were their favorite sayings? What do we miss the most about them?

We rejoiced looking at pictures of these amazing women, and although many have passed on, their indomitable spirits and teaching remain with us.

Many talked about our abuela’s cooking and the universal need for constantly cleaning the house. We remember the warmth of their home remedies and their desire to make sure everyone was safe and taken care of.

Our abuelas are the foundation of many of our memories, we uphold the meaningful ones and release what must be unlearned.

Laura @Gateway

We also met for Barrio Tours along Broad Street. As Marta Martínez was teaching us about the history of Latinos on Broad Street, we talked about how much the landscape has changed since the first Latinos arrived in Providence!

After our walk, I lead the group in a sensory activity, we engaged our five senses to describe the tastes and sounds of El Barrio. The poetry that came from the activity is on display at the Gateway Center.

This month’s activities reminded me of how we interact with spaces and the many ways our stories are informed by what we see, hear, touch, taste, and touch. Our memories have texture, we are transported in time when we go back to the places that make up our personal geographies. In many ways, we are walking islands, making up the very diverse map of Rhode Island. I hope you join us on the tour! For times click here.

Café Recuerdos is a monthly conversation series around a specific topic. We hold intentional space for sharing stories and café! Stop by on the third Thursday of every month at La Galería.

The next Café Recuerdos is Thursday, June 15th 5:30-7pm. Come enjoy the nomadic sounds of musical guest: Lisandro Guevara, playing rumba flamenco, bossa nova among many other things. More information here

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