Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 - October 15

Why do we still celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

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Rhode Island Latino Arts was founded in 1988 as the Hispanic Heritage Month Committee, and it has not only become our signature event, but each year it marks another passing year of our story. Or better put, of YOUR story.

So why, after all these years, do you still celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

The answer is because if we don’t tell our story, someone else will. If we don’t shape our narrative, express our Latino/Latina/Latinx pride in our way, no one else will. Now is time to start telling our own stories and stop being a behind-the-scene player or even worse, passive participants. It is time to take the stage.

As we enter our 35th anniversary, we simply ask this: all those who identify as Latino/Latino/Latinx to take it upon yourselves to tell your story, because it becomes your narrative and in time our narrative. Make it a story that can foster opportunities and shine a light upon positive contributions.

People, allies, gente in the media, you have a greater responsibility: to ensure you are telling our stories the way they should be told and supporting all of us in times when we cannot afford to let anyone else tell it for us. Our contributions are valuable; we are a significant part of the now and future of this nation. Our economic, cultural and intellectual impact is and will continue to be strong and must be acknowledged.

Let us know how we can help, and be sure to register your event to be listed on our calendar page.


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