La Tiendita @La Galería

All things made & designed by local Latinx Artists

Holiday Tiendita | We will be open 9AM to 1PM on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday from December 1-17, 2021.

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We invite you to stop by to see the gallery and learn more about RILA.

FACE MASKS required when you visit La Galería.
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Pay in advance with Venmo, CashApp or credit card and stop by to pick up. Scan below using your Phone App.

Scroll down after each section to pay by credit card.
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Discounts do not apply to E-Gift Cards

These items are on consignment. We accept payment only by either of the two Phone Apps above.

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$20 each | S-L-XL-XXL
Discount does not apply to this item

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One size | Runs small
Two left as shown | $32 each

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Mexican Hot Chocolate Tablets
$2 ea.

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Papel Picado
Mini-Medium-Large | Prices vary

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Mini Sombreros $8 ea.
Flowered headband $6 ea.

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These Mini-Sombreros, held in place with a headband, are hand-made exclusively for La Tiendita @RILA.

Only four left: Black, Turquoise, Pink and White.
Mini Sombrero headbands: $12.00
Once you place your order, we will E-Mail you to arrange for pick-up.

Designed and created by local Latinx Artists

Items Below Can Be Purchased On-Site Only

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Beaded earrings: $10.00
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Frida Stickers: $3.00 | Huipil Earrings: $5.00
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Wrapped necklace beads: $30.00
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La Draconata Tee: $18.00

Below: Tamara Díaz gifts and collectibles | Paper plates, passport holders, cloth purse, blancket, more!

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Playing Cards: $15.00
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Coasters: $12.00
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Pillows: $30.00
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$8.00 & $15.00
Earrings (Above)
• Single bead with calavera: $8.
• Hammered copper with calavera: $15.
Long-beaded with calavera or heart bead: $10.
Votive Candle Necklaces
Saint Anthony (San Antonio)
Patron Saint of lost and stolen articles.

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Mother of the Americas | La Virgen de Las Americas.

Mini Notebook
Write your weekly intentions and carry them with you.
Purchase on-site only | Once we receive your payment, we will E-Mail you to arrange for pick up. | La Tiendita Holiday Hours: Tue - Wed - Thur | 9AM - 1PM
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Votive Candle Necklaces: $12.00
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Votive Candle Necklaces: $12.00
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Mini Notebook Necklace: $12.00

Tees & Mugs | Walk-in or Online Purchase

25% discount all T-Shirts | Black Friday and Online Orders | Through December 31, 2021

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25% discount all Mugs | Black Friday & Online Orders | Through December 31, 2021

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Discount applied upon check-out. To receive discount, enter this code: TIENDITAHOLIDAYS2021
Pick up in person to save shipping fee. We will accept Venmo or CashApp payments (scroll back up to scan), cash, checks and credit. Once you place your order, we will E-Mail you when it's ready for pick-up.

Bilingual Books | Walk-in or Online Purchase

50% discount all Children's Books | Online & Walk-In through December 31, 2021

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Discount for Online Orders will be applied upon check-out

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Too Many Tamales | Spanish or English Soft Cover: $14 Hard Cover: $18 | Growing Up With Tamales $18

Prints & Post Cards | Walk-in or Online Purchase

25% discount all Post Cards and Note Cards

Douglas Morales | Prints | Small framed photo prints (5x7) | $6 each
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Atabey Sánchez-Haiman | Printed Cards | $10 ea. (50% discount for walk-in purchases)
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RILA's Own Homemade Salsa - While Supplies Last!

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Fresh homemade Salsa Verde | Hot and Medium (while supplies last)
Small jar (4 oz.) = $3 • Large (8 oz) = $6

La Galería @RILA | 209 Central St. Central Falls, RI 02863 |
Winter Hours: | Mon-Tue-Wed 9am to 1pm