La Galería @RILA

Rhode Island's Only Latino Gallery & Cultural Hub

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La Galería del Pueblo is located in Central Falls. It is the cultural space of Rhode Island Latino Arts, and inside a beautiful colonial house that was built in 1900.

We host free and informal events such as artists talks, arts demonstrations, poetry readings and community conversations (
pláticas) that focus on Latinidad | Latin cultures. We also offer workshops or classes such as Latin drumming, sketching, spray paint visual art, theater and oral history workshops. During warm weather we host artists potluck gatherings in an open-air setting, behind our space.

Our gallery space features rotating exhibitions of artwork by members of our Latinx artists network, all who live and work in Rhode Island.

La Galería @RILA is the home of Nuestras Raíces: Rhode Island Latino History collection and archives and also Teatro del Pueblo performance space.
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Summer Hours: Monday-Friday | 10am to 5pm

Visitors are welcome to see the current exhibition or purchase items from
La Tiendita during gallery hours. If you have not received the vaccine, we ask that you wear a mask before you enter the gallery.

Contact us:

The Traveling Puertas Now on Display

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Our current exhibition includes commissioned door panels called "The Traveling Puertas" created by Stephannie Cames, Tamara Díaz, Rene Gómez and Pablo Youngs.

Click here to read more about this exhibition
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The current exhibition also features original art by
Francisco Hernández

These three pieces by Stephannie Cames (see below) are available for sale at a 30% discount. Contact us if you are interested in seeing them in person.
  •  Abeden, The Twelfth Born | (2019) | 48x60 Oil on canvas | $770

    Abeden, The Twelfth Born | (2019) | 48x60 Oil on canvas | $770

  •  Yara, La Diabla (2019) | 48x60 Oil on canvas | $770

    Yara, La Diabla (2019) | 48x60 Oil on canvas | $770

  •  Elaine, The Brighter | (2019) | 48x60 Oil on canvas | $770

    Elaine, The Brighter | (2019) | 48x60 Oil on canvas | $770

Summer Hours: Monday-Friday | 10am to 5pm or by appointment | To purchase on of these paintings, go here to get Discount Code

La Tiendita @ La Galería

La Tiendita Summer Hours: Monday-Friday | 10am to 5pm

Prints, post cards, stickers created by local Latino artists.

Bilingual books, T-Shirts, mugs,
papél picado, jewelry.

Click here to see items we have for sale.
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Support Local Latino Artists | Buy Local!
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La Galería @RILA and our Founder are featured in September 2019 issue of Rhode Island Monthly

If you don't subscribe, pick up a copy of the September 2019 issue of Rhode Island Monthly to read the story, written by writer Grace Kelly, about the beginnings of Rhode Island Latino Arts and La Galería @RILA.

If you like what you read and would like to support our work, send a
donation today!
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La Galería @Rhode Island Latino Arts

La Galería del Pueblo is Rhode Island's only Latino based non-profit cooperative art and culture gallery. It is managed by Rhode Island Latino Arts (RILA), the state’s oldest and most respected non-profit organization that supports and advocates for Latino arts.

The mission of La Galería is to provide a showcase for emerging and established artists to display and sell their artwork, while building community among artists, members, and patrons alike.

La Galería is an artists collective (the Rhode Island Latino Artists Network — RILAN) that is built upon trust and mutual respect. We strive to encourage support within the group and use RILAN as an opportunity to educate and promote the Latino arts experience to segments of the population that otherwise might not have access to it. This is a place where local Latino established artists can exhibit and sell their work, offer workshops with fellow artists, mentor emerging artists and host networking events. Like RILA, La Galería serves as a bridge between Latinos and non-Latinos.

La Galería hosts free and informal events such as artists talks, demonstrations, book & poetry readings, and children’s arts activities. We also offer workshops or classes such as Latin drumming, sketching, spray paint visual art, theater and oral history workshops. During warm weather we host artists potluck gatherings in an open-air setting.

For the general public: There is a small fee to participate in most workshops offered by members of our Artists Network. Students may be eligible for scholarships — please inquire about this option by clicking the Contact Us button at the top of this page.

For Artists: You may become involved by exhibiting your work or selling your work on consignment. We do not pay artists to show or install their work — we are a collective and therefore your participation in La Galería is strictly on a volunteer basis. However, if you choose to offer workshops, you may receive a portion of the registration fee. Apply today to become a Member/Partner in the gallery. Read below for more details.

Artists Membership Information

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This section is for artists who may be interested in becoming members in our organization and having your work in our gallery.

If you are a fine artist, designer, crafts person or performer and of Latin-American heritage residing in Rhode Island you are eligible to apply for membership in La Galería. We showcase the work of local artists who want to take an active role in the Rhode Island arts community. We ask that you be the sole originator of your work, that the work be original, recent, hand made, and different from other work that we are currently showing. We encourage new and innovative works that respond to yesterday, today and tomorrow and we encourage intergenerational exchange by welcoming artists of all ages. We also encourage non Latino artists and non Rhode Islanders to partner with a local Latino artist to show their work or perform in La Galería.

Artists can apply to become Members/Partners in the gallery. Occasionally we invite artists to show their work, and unsolicited applications may go through a juried process. Download a copy of our guidelines and membership form here.
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Address: 209 Central Street | Central Falls, RI 02863
Summer Hours: Monday-Friday | 10am to 5pm • If you have not been vaccinated, we ask that you put on your mask before entering La Galería.
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La Galería @RILA receives support from these local and national sponsors.

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During the COVID-19 quarantine, the RILA offices have remained closed, but we most-certainly have not been idle.
  • We've been actively encouraging reading among Latino youth during the quarantine through our Latino Books Month initiative. Find out which favorite books were selected by young people spread out around Rhode Island.
  • Nuestras Raíces, our oral history project, is collecting stories in Spanish & English from the Latinx community about La Vida en La Época de La Pandemic | Life in the Time of the Pandemic. Be sure to share your story.
  • In line with our mission, we've been encouraging RILA's team of Latinx artists to continue their art practice during the COVID-19 quarantine. In April, we commissioned Alberto Genao and Ashley Soto to kick-off Nuestros Artistas en La Época de La Pandemia. We also launched Latinos En Vivo, weekly online interviews of practicing Latinx artists, led by Jenny Sánchez and Magnolia Pérez.
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Click here for updates on Teatro en El Verano
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Join us over Zoom for our monthly Café Recuerdos pláticas Click here for details
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We will continue to post videos and images in the weeks ahead. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and share our posts with your friends. By supporting RILA and sharing our information you are also supporting the many Latino artists in our network.