I like to think of my artwork as an endless poem to life. Searching from-the-inside-out the nature that lives underneath this skin, this presentation of who I am.
<em> Jessica </em> Turcios
<em> Jessica </em> Turcios
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Jessica Turcios

My name is Jessica Turcios, I’m a visual artist with a degree in painting.

From painting my art has expanded into multiple mediums. Each medium has served as a tool to express an underlying truth I seek to convey in all my work. I want to find our connection consciously and subconsciously to Mother Earth.

I use photography to observe and study natural elements. As a tool the photographs become an inspiration and guide for visual language and symbolism.

Using natural elements (examples: crystal, dried leaves, shells, bones, and herbs) I create sculptural talisman for intended purposes and positive affirmations.

I consider my paintings to be Abstract Portraits, a capture in the moment of a person, place, feeling, or thing.

Drawing from my poetry I write about insights and observations that have appeared in dreams. I believe to be connected to my current life and more importantly to my ancestors. Being first generation in America, I find profoundly my personal study in my ancestry that has transcended from African, Indigenous, and Spaniard roots, to be a strong influence in my intuition and occurring concepts. I believe that we carry more than just our daily waking lives. As I believe there is always more to what we see. I create visual art in hopes to capture these mysteries.
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