Tamara Díaz

Painter | Cuban-American | Providence, RI

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I am a child/family therapist, and visual artist and I am fortunate to work primarily with RI’s Latino community. I was born in New York City, but also lived in Barcelona, Spain for 5 years and Philadelphia for 3 years. My mother grew up in the Bronx, New York, with her parents, who were Holocaust survivors and my father and his family were Cuban exiles who came to America in 1962 with only their dreams. The result is a powerful spirituality with a deep respect for the struggles and beauty of both cultures.

My style of art could be considered Pop Art but it has a very emotional content. It is like a visual journal and/or a story being told. Some have described my work as fantastical and metaphorical; it does not fit easily into already established categories. Generally, I use symbolism to express two distinct visions: one that is grounded in the present and one that looks to the future. At the heart of my work is an underlying concern for the human condition and its tension with spirituality. While some of pieces may seem utopian, a streak of realism runs through them. These tensions express themselves in my work through a free flow of themes and colors, secured by the strength of bold lines.

My work often depicts the realities that people face and which I transform with colors into a more optimistic and spiritual vision. The various mediums I use include: markers, acrylics, pencil, pen and ink, photography, collage, and computer illustration. Because of the intensity of my clinical work as a therapist and in my life in general, painting helps me to relax and express myself. This form of expression is also something that I pass on to others through the means of art therapy. Many of my pieces have originated from painful places, but have become transformed into an optimistic realm through my choice of colors. I am always prepared to let loose the creative energy inside so I never leave home without a journal or camera.

NOTE: We carry Tamara’s note cards and stickers at La Galería del Pueblo, 209 Central St., Central Falls, RI 02863
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