Performing Artist
<em> Scarling </em> Ferrera
<em> Scarling </em> Ferrera
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Scarling Ferrera

Scarling was born and raised in Dominican Republic until the age of sixteen and she immigrated to the United States to follow her dream of studying acting. She is currently studying Theatre Performance at Rhode Island College.

During her junior year in Rhode Island College, she received the
Miranda Scholarship, given by the Miranda Family. Scarling is very grateful for this opportunity, and will work hard every day to repay it.

Scarling is interested in bringing awareness to social issues and appreciation to other cultures. She is currently educating herself more in playwriting and her goal is to write her first play focusing on social issues. She believes Theatre is a beautiful source to tell one's history, culture and heritage. She wants to use her art and writing to speak out and to bring a platform of conversation to such topics.
Recent stage performances include Joe Learner and Georgina in Good Friday (Forman Theatre) and Francesca, Jocelyn and Trisha in A Work in Progress (Pao Arts Center).

Watch Scarling on this video, which she created during the COVID-19 quarantine for Rhode Island Latino Arts.

Phone: (617) 637-2311

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