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How to Survive and Thrive in times of COVID: An Artist's Interpretation of the Pandemic

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This piece reflects feelings and symbolism from a period of lock down months during the COVID pandemic in 2020. Like most times, my emotions and experiences fall into positives and negatives (no pandemic puns intended!)
Tamara Díaz, September 2020
The entire bottom of the piece references the Museo Del Barrio Sidewalk Mural project on Broad Street in South Providence, August 4 2020. I was commissioned by Marta of RILA to work on this project during the pandemic. The design includes a different symbol on each part of the sidewalk, each image 6-ft apart, COVID style!
At the top, the figure to the left is inside and looking out a window where the sun is shining. “Is it safe to go out?” It seems safe outside as long as you wear a mask and there are no other people close by.

I told my clients, “Mostly stay home but please get some fresh air.” I recommended car picnics for a safe change of scenery. I recommended setting up outdoor spaces in the yard.

In the painting you can see an herb garden on the window sill and a tropical (make believe) palm tree is growing in the herb garden.

Surrounding the window are special lights that my best friend put up to make me feel welcome in her house. Every time they were/are on, it set an intention for a healing space, and I felt the love that went into the gesture of making the space special for me.
Because I was working from home, I was able to incorporate self-care into my routine in a new and improved manner:. I drank more water, exercised each day, took the dogs for three daily walks, made art (paintbrush symbol), practiced yoga and meditation (refer to the image of the figure on the yoga mat), participated in daily healing sessions, and created space for daily time in the yard.

My best friend and I also started doing “Self-Care Sunday,” when we would give each other a facial and/or shoulder massage. I started to realize that we didn’t need to pay a lot of money to do these things when we could just do them at home for each other. It seemed smarter to invest in things we needed and just do it for ourselves at home.

I watched some YouTube videos and ordered hair cutting scissors (Scissors symbol on bottom right) and learned how to cut hair.

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