Musician and spoken word poet.
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Leandro "Kufa" Castro

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Leandro (Kufa) Castro is a musician and spoken word poet. Kufa uses his art as an outlet for self-expression.

Among his many talents, Kufa has acted in three productions that relate to the experience of the Latinx community, which included titles such as La Tempestad, Romeo y Julieta, and Native Gardens (a play by national Latina playwright, Karen Zacarias).

In 2018, Kufa co-translated the script for Teatro en El Verano's La Tempestad | The Tempest into the contemporary Spanish used by people in the Latinx communities in Rhode Island. In 2019, he translated and adapted Tanta Bulla … ¿y 'Pa Que? | Much Ado About Nothing for Teatro en El Verano.

In 2023, Kufa made his debut as director of La Luz Verde, an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby, for Teatro En El Verano 2023.


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