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Prograits & Events Photographer

Jeny Hernández-Watson
Luna Photography
669 Elmwood Ave Suite B9
Providence, RI 02907


Yes. Fee varies.
Documenting through photography has always been a very important part of my life. Since my early teen years, I gravitated toward capturing my environment through the lens of a camera. As I learned the medium, I realized that event documentation was a niche of mine. Capturing the creative process, individuals involved & materials used; the meeting of the minds; the process and the unexpected changes; all ending with final production coming alive is an experience that I enjoy capturing. I love allowing viewers to relive or connect more deeply through the images I produce. Being an indigenous woman, this wonderful gift of creative vision coupled with the amazing medium of photography has taught me the importance of capturing our world; the milestones of loved ones (and self); the gatherings of cultural and social events; and most importantly, the process of it all.

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