Gabriel Rojas

Painter | Muralist

Gabriel Arturo Rojas is a visual artist from Tulsa Oklahoma (born Argentina). In his hometown, Rojas established himself as a muralist and collaborator with local arts organizations that foreground indigenous and Latinx contemporary practices. Intuition, improvisation, and speed are some of the qualities that have translated from Rojas’ mural practice and remained a vital component in his studio work which explores the relationship between memory processes and ritual through abstract painting. Rojas employs a maximal approach to his concept of expanding what painting can do. He is committed to exploring ways of making that integrate various painting traditions, employing a fluid process of revising, re-ordering, and re-using. The provisionality of his process serves as a means to transcend established structures, languages, and modes of making, thereby overcoming boundaries to reveal its new potential.

Rojas received a BFA in Studio Art from Oklahoma State University and a MFA in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design (2023), where he was inducted into the RISD Presidential Fellows class of 2021, the most prestigious honor for graduate students at RISD. Furthermore, he has attended residencies at institutions like Atlantic Center for the Arts and Fine Arts Work Center. Currently, Rojas is part-time faculty in the Art Department at The University of Rhode Island.
Fuera de Juego
Oil, acrylic, textiles, fabric on raw canvas
73 x 77in. (2022)
24 x 11ft. (2021)
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