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Providence is the land where Catia has always stomped her feet. From birth till now, this is the only place Catia has ever called home. But the pride she has in the Dominican blood that runs through her gives her the marking of a proud Afro-Latina. Her pride extends to her stories as well, before anything else she considers herself a storyteller.

Catia is known for making it pop both on stage and when entering a room. She graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a BFA in Theatre and a concentration in Acting (2018). She has been acting locally since she graduated, with roles such as: Benny in Tanta Bulla ¿y Pa Que? (Teatro en el Verano RILA/Trinity 19’), Amina in Dance Nation (Wilbury '19), and Celimene in The School for Lies (Burbage 19’) and various other roles. She won the Motif for Best Supporting Actress in 2019 for Eurydice in Polaroid Stories by Naomi Izuka.

Catia is a resident company member of the Burbage Theatre Company.

While acting is her main passion she likes to dip her toes into all art mediums including but not limited too; photography, painting, fashion, directing and writing. In college she had the opportunity to write and direct her own one act called Scared Straight, which she dreams of turning into a comedic series and is currently working on releasing a quarantine filler episode. It was also in college that she began to write what will become her first full length play, GOOD, which deals with themes of class disparities, income inequality and the school to prison pipeline through the scope of an Afro-LatinX family.

In 2020, during the pandemic, Catia and her friends Aaron Blanck, Brian Kozak and Daria-Lyric Montaquila wrote and starred in Fill in the Blanck, an irreverent comedic game show that aired on Epic Theatre's Facebook via Zoom to bring in some light in those lonely times. In January for the Contemporary Theatre Company 24 hour Play Festival she wrote, The Lost Souls, a one-act play about two poor children who go searching for Santa Claus to ask why their presents never come — an allegory for capitalism.

Catia is writing and will star in her own show in the summer of 2020 at Fringe PVD called AFRO-Latina!

With her art Catia hopes to tell diverse stories because if art is a reflection of life, then art needs to broaden its horizons.

Teaching Experience: Catia has taught playwriting and dramatic performance in the Providence and Central Falls schools and can work with all age groups.

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