Brichelle Luna

Mural Artist | Face Painter

Below: Brichelle was commissioned by RILA and P3 as a teaching artist during summer 2023 to work with students during the summer program. She was assigned to the Igliozzi Rec Center in Olneyville.
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Instagram: @lunasgalleria

Brichelle Luna is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Providence, RI. She is known for her paintings that capture memories, diversity and human connection in a colorful tapestry of art. She works across different mediums and styles, expressing a diverse range of artistic skill and talent whether it is realism or cartoon art. She showcases detailed precision with a whimsical charm.

Exploring Artistry

Luna’s artistic journey began at a young age recreating images she would capture in school or within her community and on television. The gift she realized she had was creating by reference with her pencils, brushes and paint while nurturing her artistic vision. Later in her teenage years, she shared her talent online and received an astounding amount of positive feedback within the New England area. The amount of love and support that was received from the public helped boost her confidence in creating full time. At this moment, she simultaneously found her purpose in life while also creating a name for herself. She founded Lunas Galleria, where she creates murals and paintings that bring art to life. Perfecting her vision and craft with time, Luna started from small hand painted portraits to interior wall murals inside 5-star restaurants and other family owned businesses.

Expanding horizons

Now as an accomplished and established muralist, Luna continues to push the boundaries in each of her commissions inspired by the diverse tapestry of Providence. Her murals serve as powerful and vibrant refections of the city’s diverse environment. Luna seeks to foster connection, promote inclusivity and unite people through the universal language of creativity and expression with each piece of art’ carrying a profound and thoughtful narrative.
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Above: This mural, created by Brichelle in 2021, is located inside California Taco located on Broad Street, Providence. Below: Brichelle also offers Face Painting services.
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