AGonza Angie González

Mural Artist

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My name is Angela Gonzalez, but everyone knows me as my artist name “AGONZA.” I was born in Providence, Rhode Island, raised in the Manton projects. I then spent my teenage years living in the Dominican Republic for eight years in a nun adoption care where there only were dirt streets, farms and happy people living in small rusty houses of corrugated metal.

I believe that we as human beings live and experience things to be able to teach others what we have understood and learned from life. I do my teaching and send my messages via Art as I believe art is a communicative story without sentences.

Every art piece I have created in my life has a purpose and a story. When I paint, I like to immerse myself in these paintings and live them as if they were real life.

Since 2014, I have worked as a social worker. In 2019, I joined board of the Avenue Concept. I continue to use my knowledge as a social worker and my personal life to connect with my community.

As an artist the best feeling is watching people of all ages and all racial-ethnic backgrounds sitting together in front of my paintings relating, smiling and getting lost in a gaze as they immerse themselves into my art vision and appreciate it as a community.