<em> Robertico Arias </em> y Su Alebreke
<em> Robertico Arias </em> y Su Alebreke
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Robertico Arias y Su Alebreke

Robertico has worked as an outreach instructor for the Rhode Island Philharmonic, and has been involved with other community programs such as the Puerto Rican cultural group Yoruba 2 and also the The Rhythm and Roots Project, lead by Nisha Purushotham.

Alebreke specializes in Latin Jazz, a blend of jazz and Latin American rhythms.

Alebreke plays Afro-Cuban music, such as rumba, son, mambo, salsa, Latin jazz, bachata and merengue.

Listen to this interview of Robertico recorded in 2021.
Roberto Arias y Su Alebreke at Dexter Park, Providence, RI - July 2018.