<em> Robertico Arias </em> y Su Alebreke
<em> Robertico Arias </em> y Su Alebreke
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Robertico Arias y Su Alebreke

He has worked as an outreach instructor for the Rhode Island Philharmonic, and has been involved with other community programs such as the Puerto Rican cultural group Yoruba 2, lead by Lydia Perez, and also the The Rhythm and Roots Project, lead by Nisha Purushotham.

Alebreke specializes in Latin Jazz, a blend of jazz and Latin American rhythms.

Alebreke plays Afro-Cuban music, such as rumba, son, mambo, salsa, Latin jazz, bachata and merengue.
Roberto Arias y Su Alebreke at Dexter Park, Providence, RI - July 2018.