Musician and spoken word poet.
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Leandro "Kufa" Castro

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Leandro (Kufa) Castro is a musician and spoken word poet. Kufa uses his art as an outlet for self-expression.

Among his many talents, Kufa has acted in three productions that relate to the experience of the Latinx community, which included titles such as La Tempestad, Romeo y Julieta, and Native Gardens (a play by national Latina playwright, Karen Zacarias).

In 2018, Kufa co-translated the script for Teatro en El Verano's La Tempestad | The Tempest into the contemporary Spanish used by people in the Latinx communities in Rhode Island. In 2019, he translated and adapted Tanta Bulla … ¿y 'Pa Que? | Much Ado About Nothing for Teatro en El Verano.