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For Latinx theater makers

Photo above: A scene from Tanta Bulla … ¿Y Pa' Qué? … Much Ado About Nothing | Teatro en El Verano 2019
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Audition Requirements:

  • Video submissions only, five to eight minutes long.
  • No auditions in person. If you do not have access to video recording, a live audition by phone or Zoom can be arranged.
  • One monologue or poem in Spanish, English, or a mix.
  • One song, piece of music, or beat. Sing/play a segment of a song/rap/ditty you love, in any genre, and/or using any instrument, your body, or item found in the house. This is to see how you handle story, joy, and magic through music. Have fun and think big — there is no wrong choice.

DEADLINE EXTENDED to May 24, 2021. Email video to auditions@rilatinoarts.org or marcel@rilatinoarts.org
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Now in its 6th year, Teatro en El Verano is a partnership between Rhode Island Latino Arts and Trinity Repertory Company.
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Teatro del Pueblo @RILA was founded in 2016 as a forum for Latinos to develop and present new bilingual plays. Our mission is to provide opportunities for artists, producers and audiences to discuss and advance bilingual Latinx theater in Rhode Island and nationwide.
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TEACHERS: Don Quixote, is now a bilingual lesson plan, along with accompanying videos, starring some of Teatro del Pueblo @RILA cast. Click here to take a look

Teatro del Pueblo for Multi-Lingual Learners

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Virtual Pláticas (Conversations) for Latinx Theater Makers, moderated by Tatyana-Marie Carlo and Orlando Hernández, are held monthly. They are free and open to anyone interested in becoming part of the Latinx theater movement in Rhode Island. Click here to learn more
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The 1st Annual Bilingual Latinx Playwrights Festival @RILA was initiated in 2019 and is open to all Latinx playwrights and actors currently residing in Rhode Island. Click here to learn more

Bilingual Latinx Playwrights Festival

Fefa y Su Bodega: A Newcomer's Story

Available to Tour: A monologue adapted and directed by Marcel Mascaró, starring Magnolia Pérez featuring a one-woman monologue based on RILA's Nuestras Raíces: Latino Histories of Rhode Island.
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Click on the photo above to watch a short video

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Magnolia as "Doña Fefa" (2018)
Fefa y su Bodega: A Newcomer's Story is a one-woman monologue created by Marcel Mascaró and starring Magnolia Pérez. It is based on RILA's Nuestras Raíces: Latino Histories of Rhode Island.

A children's version of this monologue debuted at the
Providence Children's Museum on Friday, October 19, 2018 at 6:30pm. Watch the video below!
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Josefina "Doña Fefa" Rosario in the 1960s.

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