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Sign Up for Latin American Cultural Market @La Galería del Pueblo

We invite Latino artists to showcase and/or sell your art at La Galería del Pueblo

All sales are on consignment. For information about selling on consignment and about La Galería, click here

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Jesus Andujar Drum Session

Sign Up for Drumming Sessions

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Sign Up for Sketching / Drawing

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Oral History Best Practices Workshops

Sign up for this workshop if you wish to collect oral histories for the Hurricane María Oral History Project.
Classes begin on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 from 12:30 to 2:00pm and will be held for six Wednesdays thereafter.
Location: Southside Cultural Center, 393 Broad St. Providence, RI 02907 (tentative)

Day 1: What is Oral History? Recording Equipment Overview.
Day 2: Interviewing Techniques and Questions to Ask.
Day 3: Legal Documents. Practice Interviews.
Day 4: Select a Topic and Find a Narrator.
Day 5: Transcribing and Archiving.
Day 6: Final Project
Click here to sign up for Oral History Workshop

Payment Information

Pay for and reserve your first drumming or sketching session and your second session is FREE.
La Galería del Pueblo @Rhode Island Latino Arts | 209 Central Ave. | Central Falls, RI 02863

Oral History workshops are $50 for six-1.5 hour classes. Students with I.D. pay $25. Pay in advance below. We may accept Venmo payments if you wish to pay the workshop instructor in person.
PAYMENT - Drumming and/or Sketching:
There is a $10 fee per session/class. It would be beneficial to all if you can commit to at least five (5) sessions. Reserve/pay for your first session and the second one will be FREE. You then pay for the next three sessions thereafter.

Pay on site by cash or check, or in advance, by credit card (see below)

We also accept Venmo payments. Talk to us for details.
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