Rafael Díaz


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Raphael Díaz
Warwick, RI 02889
E-Mail: raffaelu2@yahoo.com

Miradas (looks) of Raphael Díaz are mirrors to all of our own moods that we feel, but rarely see. The expressions captured in the painted eyes run the gamut of admiration to "if looks could kill.” There seems to be a stronger truth in a single look than in any oral statement. In a sense, the viewer reacts to each painting in the same way that they did when they were confronted with the real deal, i.e. face to face. Díaz gives one secondary views that are voyeuristic.

The perspective is that of some third party who has inserted themselves into the fray just to observe the visual toe to toe and imagine how he/she would react.

Miradas paintings invite you into his world of personal contact expressed by their translucent tones and delicate draftsmanship