The Traveling Puertas

Stephannie Cames

Alandra, The Protector

Oil & Acrylic (9/2020)
All my figures come with a name. All different from each other as they represent different versions of life. Alandra means the protector of mankind. When I started sketching this piece, I was thinking of our current situation with Covid19. I wanted to represent mankind´s HOPE. Alandra, is mankind’s personification of hope. The one that has united us as a community and the one who has protected us.
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Abai, The River

Oil & Acrylic (9/2020)
My figures are the personification of not only cultures as shown in previous works, but also versions or stages of life, including Birth and Death. As same as her “sisters”, Abain has her own meaning. She has an Ethiopian origin and refers to the mighty Nile River. She represents the flow of life, the one we can’t stop. She was inspired on the quote by Rainer Maria Rilke;

“Let everything happen to you
Beauty and terror
Just keep going
No feeling is final.”
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