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Holiday Recipes from our Latin American Homelands

We leave our countries behind, but retain many of our customs. We miss many things: old friends, family that stayed behind, our musica, and our traditional dishes.
In her oral history interview as part of Nuestras Raíces: The Latino Oral History Project of RI, Doña Fefa told us what she did when she first came to Rhode Island and could not find the foods she loved. Her exact words were: “I remember when we would drive to New Haven in our blue station wagon to buy platános, yuca, café Dominicano and other food for the Hispanic people who lived in Providence in the 1950s and '60s.”

You can always do what she did, or you can also try to plant a garden, although it’s very difficult to grow our favorite tropical or Central American foods in this New England weather.

Times have changed since the early days when Doña Fefa and her family arrived, but it’s still not always easy to find all our favorite Latin-American foods, spices and drinks.

What Latino food or ingredient do you have a difficult time finding in Rhode Island or New England, and what dish do you miss the way it was prepared in your home country? What do you do to satisfy that hunger for your favorite foods?

During the holidays, what foods do you prepare that remind you of your homeland, that bring back memories of the traditions that you shared with family members and your community back home?

Share a holiday recipe with us. If we have enough recipes, we will have a gathering on Saturday, December 21st, where everyone can share a Christmas or New Year's dish, and so we can all learn about the similarities or differences among or various Latino cultures.

FOR KIDS: Join us for a reading of Gary Soto’s famous book Too Many Tamales and a chance to sample authentic Mexican tamales, like the ones featured in the book. We will also serve atole for the kids and Mexican coffee for the adults.

Post your comments below or Email them to us. Either way, we look forward to reading all of them!

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Tamales are a holiday staple in every Mexican home

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