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Black Lives Matter

RILA Resist

RILA is fully committed to combatting inequality and advancing inclusivity

We are deeply aggrieved over the senseless deaths of George Floyd and others who have become the latest victims of racist violence. Their unnecessary deaths are horrific reminders of the dehumanization and fear that Black people, and people of color everywhere, experience in our society. Additionally, the destruction that happened in downtown Providence is inexcusable.

This is a systemic problem that reaches every corner of our nation. This is not about the Latino community, who in the face of history is not immune to acts of hatred, racism, and xenophobia. But, it is about standing in solidarity at this time and reaching out a supportive hand to all African-American and those of Afro-Latino descent. No one should have to experience such hateful behavior in this state, or anywhere else.

We are with you in solidarity, now and always.
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