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Campoy, F. Isabel. Maybe Something Beautiful
Dominguez, Angela. How do you say?/ ¿Como se dice?
Medina, Juana. Juana and Lucas
Morales, Yuyi. Rudas: Niños Horrendous Hermanitas
Tonatiuh, Duncan. The Princess and the Warrior
Valerio, Geraldo. Turn on the Night
Brown, Monica. Lola Levine Is Not Mean
Diaz, Alexandra. The Only Road
Torres, Jennifer. Stef Soto, Taco Queen
Alvarez, Julia. How Tia Lola Came to Stay
Herrera, Juan F. Portraits of Hispanic American Heroes
McCall, Guadalupe G. Under the Mesquite
Cordova, Zoraida. Labyrinth Lost
Medina, Meg. Burn Baby Burn
Sáenz, Benjamin A. The Inexplicable Logic of my Life
Stork, Francisco X. The Memory of Light

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