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A few years ago, we commemorated International Women's Day with a group of artist friends in Chile. I had never seen such a large and powerful manifestation. There were thousands and thousands of women of all ages, lining the streets of Santiago, all marching together. It was a transformative experience that has deeply inspired me in the years since.

On 8M (March 8) we remember the struggles and fight of the women who worked hard for the equal rights that we enjoy today. We also continue to fight for the right to live our lives in the way we want, to have agency over our bodies. There is still a long way to go, and we continue to create spaces to support each other and move forward in unity. There are different opinions on whether or not to celebrate this day, the way I see it, each woman should decide how to show up on this and every other day of her life.

This month at Café Recuerdos we continue to commemorate women's month by talking about: The things I learned from my mother. We want to honor the wisdom of the women in our lives. What have you learned from them? Come tell us! Join us this Thursday, March 16 at La Galería, 209 Central Street, Central Falls from 5:30-7pm. FREE. you can sign up here.

Café Recuerdos happens on the third Thursday of every month. It is a space for conversation, where we get together to reflect on the theme of the month, while enjoying coffee (or tea), stories, and a delicious snack. Come!
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Our first Café Recuerdos of the year was focused on love, as we reflected on the topic: “Love letters I never sent.” Much like love, our gathering was cozy and warm, funny, and emotional. We recalled memories of letters we sent to our loved ones many years ago. We cherished the memories and joy of re-reading the letters that were sent to us.

Technology has created new ways of communicating and it may seem that writing letters in a lost form of expression, but some people still do it. There is something magical about receiving a handwritten letter. It’s an intentional act that requires setting time aside, putting pen to paper, selecting words and thoughts to share. Sure, you can send a voice message, but it simply isn’t the same.

I invited participants to reflect on what love means to them. We wrote poems in response to prompts from a “Love Yourself” deck. Profound words surfaced about coming back to the quiet of ourselves and to the love of our families, hobbies, lovers, pets. Love manifests in many ways, I’m thankful we were able to hold its magnificent power to come together in person.

Café Recuerdos, is a space for conversation. We make coffee or tea, eat a snack, while getting to know each other. The idea is to share and reflect on our theme for the month. Join us! We meet on the third Thursday of every month at La Galería del Pueblo 209 Central Street, Central Falls. 5:30-7pm. FREE
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En Español ➣