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Jasmin Natera

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Jasmin Natera was born in the city of Carácas, Venezuela in 1980. She lived there throughout her youth with her siblings. Jasmin and Her Husband Seth, now live in Middletown, Rhode Island and also Panama.

In 2002 Natera become involved with the Caracas Hash House Harriers, an international social club in Venezuela. Natera spoke fondly of the club saying, “I met a lot of interesting people, whom I still know and love today”. She continued to participate in the club, become a very prominent member until 2010. The Harriers opened a number of doors for Natera and it sparked her love for travel.

Natera has been traveling around the globe since the early 2000’s. She has traveled to dozens of countries and lived for an extended period of time in Central and South America, Europe, and North America. Many of her works are inspired by her own Latin-American culture, with a mix of European influences. Her worldly experiences mold her work greatly.

Natera began painting as a result of her beloved neighbor in Panama, Vittoria Moreno, who is also an artist and well-known art book translator.

Besides travel and culture, Natera draws a great deal of inspiration from order and cleanliness. Order and cleanliness have been a key part of her life, helping her survive hardships she faced growing up. While observing any number of Natera’s paintings, it is easy to see how important order and cleanliness is to her process; there is never a drop of paint out of place or a line that isn’t perfectly straight.

All of Natera’s work is mixed media as she wishes to never restrain herself to one medium, this way she truly express herself.