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<em> Evans </em> Molina
<em> Evans </em> Molina
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Evans Molina

I am an artist that expresses his art in the union of many disciplines/media: music, dance, experimental video, theater, sound performance and visual art.

I try to connect my art to social change, health and education in an effort to take my art to another level. You can say that I personalize my art to a broader topic or theme.

My visual art focuses on nature and themes that bring humanity to the picture. It unites different styles like symbolism, expressionism, and the advances of art within technology. It expresses racism, discrimination and other similar topics. My art is art that expresses the temperatures of all colors.

I like to bring a child-like sense (naive) to my paintings, while at the same time expressing my Afro-Cuban roots. I build bridges to introduce and fuse together three cultures (Afro-Cuban and Cuban-American) in a joyful way.

I am a teaching artists and have taught in Providence in such places as ¡City Arts!, where I taught basic percussion (drumming) in their after-school program.

I graduated from La Escuela de Restauración in Havana, Cuba, and also did some producing, directing and screenwriting; I directed many performances in my home country of Cuba.
Fuerza Natural
48 x 30
El Yerbero
60 x 36”
Escultura Amor de Hierro
48 x 24