Douglas Morales

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My Medium: Drawings, oil paintings and photography

Instagram/Facebook: @BohemioLunaticoArt

I am a self-taught artist from Guatemala based in Providence, Rhode Island. Since the age of 10, I create everything my imagination allows me to. My mediums of expression are drawings, oil painting and photography. Through my drawings and paintings I bring my deepest thoughts and surreal dreams to life. Photography allows me to capture life from different angles and shed light to instants that may be invisible to our distracted eyes.

Entering the art world as a self-taught artist have given me the credentials to build on my patience, observation, perseverance and quite simply effort. Trial and Error are wonderful teachers.

My work has been showcased in various galleries including RISD Exposé, Atrium Gallery 1 Capital Hill in Providence, The Main Gallery at Providence City Hall and the Museum of Art in Newport, RI.

All my work is for sale and I cover all events.

NOTE: We carry Douglas’s prints at our new location: La Galería del Pueblo | The Village Gallery, 2154 Broad Street, Cranston, RI 02905
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Varsobia Gallego