Argelis Almonte

Painter | Watercolor

The first experience I remember about art and drawing is when I was about six or eight years old. In my native country, Dominican Republic, it is a tradition to paint a figure where the house number are located. My oldest uncle from my mother’s side one time painted a small dog right next to the number of the house where we lived and I remember I grabbed paper and pencil and started to draw it. Then, when I was older, I was the one in charge of making the banners and drawings for the church I attended.

With time I realized that I really liked this business so I enrolled in the local art school called Escuela de Pintura de Bellas Artes de Santo Domingo where I was recognized and awarded first place in drawing.

Then I moved to the United States. I took advantage of the talent that God gave me so I established my own business in marketing, Argamont Studios, where I currently work. Thanks to that I can spare some time to paint, which is one of my biggest passions.

When I paint I love to capture the contrast of brightness and darkness and achieve the facial expression of the model. I’m passionate about letting the watercolor do it’s own job and as a painter to be able to place the pigment where I consider necessary. With oil paint, I like to achieve with simple brushstrokes the contrast of light and shade.

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